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Contractor Master’s highly-trained technicians use the number of top-of-the-line techniques and professional equipment to recover your property after water damage.

We will determine the source of water entry, remove water by using powerful pumps and vacuums, and use moisture meters and hydrometers to identify water that may stay under the surface to avoid swelling and warping of walls.

Plus, we take anti-microbial and anti-bacteria actions to prevent mould, and provide any required repairing services to ensure pre-water damage conditions.

Water damage can be caused by firefighting actions, floods, and other natural disasters, subsoil waters heaving actions, water-pipers, or heating pipes leaking. Yet the leading cause in Canada is spring thaws.

Not only can water damage cause financial issues and discomfort, but also it can lead to severe health problems.

That is why a fast response – preferably during 24-48 hours –  is crucial to avoid mold growth and further property deterioration. Some belongings may look pretty dry. Yet our experienced specialists know that drywall, wood, and other materials tend to retain water, which later can lead to mould and odour.


Knowing how to do our job effectively and timely enables us to provide you with a “peace of mind” you deserve and return your property to pre-loss condition.