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Contractor Master is a family-owned and operated company with eighteen years of experience in the construction industry. We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. Our savvy experience and contractors with construction and technical background make us second to none company in the industry.

Thanks to almost two decades in the construction sector, we have competence and practice in building commercial property, residential and high-rise residential homes, luxury homes, and even Eco homes.

For our clients, we offer:

  • construction and renovation services, including the building of EcoSmart Houses and property renovation of any complexity;
  • property restoration after damage caused by fire, water, and mould;
  • regular and disaster cleaning services, including decontamination.

We bring together skilled professionals from the construction, renovation, and cleaning industries for the implementation of each and every project, no matter big or small.

By applying the highest standards, methods, and equipment, we deliver the best results and custom personalized approach for residential, business, and industrial property owners.

Contractor Master guarantees professional and on schedule services, regular inspections to determine the quality of work and to be sure that customers are satisfied with our services.

24hr Hotline


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Tel: 02 562-958
Mobile: 02 562-95