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During nowadays COVID-2019 pandemic, the role of professional decontamination is crucial. No matter what decontamination type is needed, whether regular or emergency, Contractor Master’s experts make your business or residential premises safe.

The process starts with an evaluation of a client’s space to identify the scope and complexity of work.

Based on the size and configuration of the premises, we’ll develop a tailored plan with the best turnaround time for thorough decontamination.

Contractor Master’s response team is equipped with personal protective equipment. We use safe working practices to decontaminate and sanitize areas that may be exposed to viruses, bacteria, or mould. Our methods are based on the directions of governmental agencies.

We’ll handle the overwhelming challenges every business or institution may face to get you back on track.

Not only do we sanitize manufacturing plants, communities, and public facilities, but we also do it for private homes, hospitals, and transportation, both private and public.