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If your wooden floor has a dull look, Contractor Master’s floor experts have skills and experience to return your floor radiant look. The domestic, commercial, sports hall, and school floor will look at their best again, no matter if it is a hardwood, softwood, parquet, or engineered wood floors.

Once we are on-site, we’ll assess the overall flooring situation.

As a rule, the floor needs to have some small repairs to prepare a surface for sanding and polishing—for example, replacement of damaged boards or removal of rusty nails. The next move is to fill the gaps to avoid dirt to get trapped between the wooden boards.

Once the floor is prepared for sanding, it is time to switch one a sanding machine. We use low-dust floor sanding equipment to minimize the level of dirt and perform three stage abrasion to remove the current finish.

But when all work is done, we’ll do cleaning too.

After abrasion, it is time for staining to ensure beautiful floor colour. Finally, we’ll seal the newly sanded floor. Based on our experience, we’ll choose the best and durable sealant for your floor.

Wood floor sanding is a delicate service that requires attention to details from floor master. One may think that it is better to buy a floor sanding machine. But the point is that a machine operator should be physically prepared to operate one; otherwise, the damage is unavoidable.