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Contractor Master is the one who will take care of the reason that caused mould and mildew in your residential or business property.

It is more vital to find a damp source than to remove fungus.

Our task is to identify the humidity source and maintain indoor humidity at the level necessary to inhibit mould growth.

Only fast response can save porous materials like ceiling tiles, carpet, or furniture from total deterioration — no delays allowed in case of mould and mildew removal. Upon precise evaluation, our experienced technicians will develop a tailored remediation plan. Based on the cause of mold, its extent, type, and affected areas and surface, we will apply the best mold remediation practices.

The kitchen, bathroom, and basement are breeding ground for fast mold growing.

Not only can mold destroy walls, furniture, and carpeting, but its spores also lead to severe health issues like allergic reactions, headaches, sneezing, and asthma.


The fungus spores quickly occupy available space. It can cause considerable inconveniences to both private and business properties, leading to financial and health issues. That is why prompt and professional services needed to resolve this problem.