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Once you’ve done home renovation or reconstruction, you want to enjoy the look of your improvements. Still, it is not so easy because your space looks dull and dingy. Contractor Master’s cleaners provide superior post-renovation and post-reconstruction cleaning both for residential and business clients.

When the renovation is done, we’ll come to your place to evaluate the volume of cleaning work and develop a precise plan to return a spotless look and fresh smell to your premise.

Our trained cleaning crew uses top-of-the-line equipment, eco-friendly products, and advanced techniques so that you will walk in freshly-clean and safe for health space.

The cleaning services may include dust removal from all surfaces, floor, windows, and carpet cleaning. Even more, we stay focused on items that usually tend to be overlooked, like ceiling fans, light fixtures, and small appliances. The services we provide also include vacuuming, dust removal, floor scrubbing, cabinet and glass washing.

After the renovation, massive amounts of debris, dust, and particles tend to stay in every nook and cranny.

Contractor Master’s experts offer customized and high-quality cleaning services, so you will enjoy your “new” space as soon as possible.

Our highly- trained response team is here to remediate any location following the highest safety standards and return safe working conditions to your site. Contractor Master provides timely and effective neutralization of any virus, bacteria, and mould contaminants.