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Timely and professional actions are crucial to save belongings and minimizing expenses. Contractor Master is a team of well-trained technicians with vast experience in fire damage restoration that will restore your damaged property.

First of all, we’ll come to a place to assess the scope of fire damage.

Then emergency mitigation is taking place to make a property safe to work in. We’ll restore salvageable items and perform water damage restoration using the advanced methods and equipment to remove water and dehumidify property. To remove firefighting efforts, we also provide mould remediation and removal of the intense smoke odour.

Plus, as a building and construction company, we offer repair services like replacing drywall and installing new flooring to return your business or residual property to pre-fire conditions.

There is no similar situation. That is why our company developed a personal approach to each case, taking into account every peculiarity. For sure, the crucial moment is timely actions allowing minimizing the devastating effect of fire and eliminating expenses to restore the property as soon as possible.