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Bulbs and lamps are fragile and need special handling that can be provided by true cleaning professionals only. Regular cleaning should be included in the maintenance cleaning program for any office, enterprise, library, and university. Contractor Master’s experts perform cleaning of different lamp types, like incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, metal halide lamps, and many more.

Once you notice poor lighting quality, Contactor Master is here to turn the light back and extend the longevity of your light.

Annual light cleaning is essential for removing dirt, debris, and other contaminants that tend to stay there, lowering the level of lights work and indoor air quality. Moreover, regular cleaning saves money on the replacement of spare parts and electricity bills, which is so crucial for any business unity and planet ecosystem.

Together with carpet and HVAC cleaning, light cleaning contributes a lot to high indoor air quality.

These steps will be genuinely appreciated by individuals with asthma and respiratory diseases.

Not only does cleaning make indoor air quality better, but it also improves the level of light that is crucial for day-to-day office work. By ordering light and diffuser cleaning once a year, you are minimizing the business’s expenses on bills and replacement of light. Even more, you how much you care about the health of the occupants because proper light is vital for people who spend at least eight hours indoor doing their job.