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Roofs play a crucial role in protecting your property from water infiltration and deterioration by diverting water from a property and resisting environmental damage. Contractor Master is here to repair, renovate, or install roofing for private and business property owners. We are a family-owned company that has been in the market for almost two last decades.

Being a full-service construction company, we’re able to perform roof installation as well.

No matter if roofing is needed for residential, business, and industrial premises, we offer cost-effective options for every owner. Based on property type and clients’ needs, we’ll choose high-quality materials from reputable brands.

If you need repair, we’ll come on-site to evaluate a roof, determine maintenance priorities, and repair plan. Depending on the chosen material, the roof can serve you from twenty to fifty years.

For long-lasting roofing, we offer a maintenance program to prevent small issues from turning to large and prevent total deterioration.

A rooftop construction is something that should be done by roofing experts only. Roofing will last for years and protect property from cold and moisture penetration. Contractor Master has a vast understanding of roofing materials and systems, technologies, and industry standards.