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A basement finishing is an excellent option if you want to extend living space in your house. If you want to remodel your basement into a home theatre, wine cellar, office space, storage space, a laundry room, a game room for children, we are here to create a fully functional space.

Contractor Master is a team of well-trained and professional builders, designers, plumbers, and electricians.

We’ll perform demolition, new flooring installation, electric and plumbing, door installation, joint sealing, ceiling soundproofing, and many more to bring your ideas into life. The process starts with a discussion of your goals and plans for the basement. Once we’ve approved a project, we proceed to layout, taking into account your specifications and building regulations. Finally, we start the renovation process to complete it.

As a rule, a basement is a more damp space that the rest of a house.

For the basement finishing, you may consider a fireplace to reduce the possibility of mould and ceiling soundproofing for comfort family day-to-day living.

Having our professional help, you will turn a dingy basement into a modern and comfortable living space. A well-planned renovation adds livability to your home and increases its cost and recoup if you plan to sell it. Choosing Contractor Master, you receive a team of experienced contractors ready to deliver the highest results using the best materials and following the highest building standards.