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Mould needs three things to grow – organic food, moisture, and lack of air. Once it appeared on any surface, it will spread quickly. You may fail to notice visible mould growth and musty odour, but if you know that there is a source of moisture somewhere in your house, then it is time to act. It’ll take up to 72 hours for mould to become noticeable.

Mould removal is essential for occupants’ health and resale value of your house.

A quick and thorough inspection is needed to find mould in the hard-to-reach areas, for example, HVAC or plumbing. Plus, Contractor Master’s experts are focused on finding the source of mould, which is crucial, because it is even more critical to prevent its return with a vengeance.


When the inspection is done, we’ll contain the spread using negative air pressure equipment.

The next step is to remove all infected materials like flooring, carpets, drywall, etc.

Now is time for removing and sanitation of mould from all the surfaces and deodorization to return fresh smell.


Contractor Master’s cleaning specialists use advanced technologies to identify the full extent of the problem and solve it. Our specialists are fully-trained, skilled, and qualified to perform such work types.