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When you feel that you need more space, there are two basic options – to buy a new house or to make an extension to the existing one. Here, at Contractor Master, we have expertise, experience, craftsmen, and contractors to extend your residential or business property.

The home extension starts with the discussion phase to identify the feasibility of your ideas.

Upon meticulous discussion, we’ll create a layout and prepare to receive permits for renovation. Once we have all the required permits, we start the construction process to be focused on demolition, foundation work, installation, and anything else needed to implement the extension plan. When the exterior work is done, it is time for the interior. During this phase, we’ll install doors, windows, do painting, and decorating. Finally, we’ll clean the work site from the construction debris.

Home addition solves many problems.

Just imagine that you have more storage space or one more room for your children. We can extend any place you want, like a family room, game room, basement, garage, sunroom, strictly following building codes.

By hiring a full-service company, you receive nothing but a team of professional craftsmen with a vast experience in home add-on projects. As a full-service company, we start with receiving of the building permits and finish with final inspection.