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Furniture and upholstery can be a breeding ground for dirt, allergens, and other small debris. In addition to that, dangerous bacterias and mould can hide in your furniture threatening your family’s health. Choose the professional company that extends the longevity of your furniture by bringing it a super clean and fresh look and takes care of clients’ health.

Contractor Master’s work starts with a pre-clean inspection to identify sofa and upholstery fabrics.

So that we can choose the best techniques and means for your furniture and upholstery. We use two methods – extremely hot water and dry-cleaning technique. Contactor Master’s technicians will let you enjoy a clean and dry look of the furniture in a few hours instead of a few days.

The office and residential furniture are subject to rapid wear thanks to everyday use.

Regular cleaning can do something with visible debris like pet hair, however, it can do nothing with danger hidden deep in upholstery and strong odour, for example, allergens and food odour. Now, it is time for professionals with great expertise and superior techniques that will make you forget about dull and dingy look of your furniture.