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Contractor Master’s technicians with 18 years of experience are ready for a complex of actions to fix or install a French drain to avoid infiltration, standing water, and extra humidity in your basement. For this kind of work, it is crucial to provide a specialist with solid knowledge and expertise in foundation repair.

Building a new house, you may need to install a weeping drain.

Contractor Master’s specialist will assess the work, perform excavating, digging a trench, and laying a length of a pipe. It may seem like a too easy thing to do; however, to do it right, a contractor should complete a thorough diagnostic of foundation condition and structural integrity.

Our qualified and fully-licensed contractor will observe drainage tile for cracks and other signs of damage if you notice water in your basement.

A weeping tile doesn’t need regular maintenance.

However, it may accumulate debris and get clogged. That is why it is recommended to have a cleaning once a year to avoid clogging.

Not only does the drain system collects extra water and diverts it from your home, but it also protects your basement from humidity and mould. Amateur French drain repair and installation can lead to severe problems like foundation damaging or soggy yard, so do not opt for little to no experience company. Yet a smart investment into a professional company leads to long-lasting work of a French drain.