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Here, at Contractor Master, we specialize in building garages for homes and businesses. Garage addition makes an owner’s life more convenient, protects its vehicle, and adds value to a premise.

Our building experts discuss whether you need a single or double garage, attached or detached, with or without a foundation and a workshop area.

The next stage is garage plan development considering all local building rules. We’ll need to receive several licenses and permits before construction. When all documents are processed, we can start building. Once the main construction is done, we start doing all required finishing like electricity, plumbing, draining, insulation, etc. Finally, we’ll clean the building area from construction debris.

Not do only is a garage a place for vehicles and tools, but it also a place where you can spend free time while completing small construction projects.

Our technicians and architects help to optimize garage space more effectively. Every our garage is custom-built for the vehicle size, technical characteristics of your house, other client’s requirements.

We’ll build a garage to look aesthetically with your house or business. Two decades of construction experience enable us to construct perfect garages to meet all clients’ needs using leading building standards in the industry.