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The one may hesitate, is it such a big deal to demolish a wall? The point is that any wall demolition is better to be done by a professional who understands the structural integrity of a building. Contractor Master is a team of construction experts with almost twenty years of experience and solid knowledge.

At the very beginning, our experts will assess wall type to be removed, to define if the wall is partition or load-bearing, and discuss the renovation plan.

One more point to consider is to check electrical wiring and heating ducts and other mechanical components in a wall. Having this information, our construction specialists will develop a wall demolition plan.

For the removal of load-bearing walls, we cooperate with a structural engineer to save the integrity of your residential or business property and create the needed beams and posts.

No matter the wall material type, whether the wall is made of stone, brick, or concrete, we’ve experienced in dealing with each class.

When all factors are considered, we are ready to remove a wall. Then, we’ll do the necessary repair, like the floor and ceiling repair.

Wall demolition is controlled deconstruction aimed at home renovation. This job is for skilled and experienced professionals with a construction background; otherwise, amateur wall demolition may and will create risks for every occupant.