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Foundation repair is an urgent issue that should be resolved as soon as possible. The delay may lead to more significant problems and expenses. Contractor Master’s specialists have construction and engineering background to offer only proven solutions for our clients.

The whole process starts with a meticulous inspection to find out the reason that caused foundation deterioration and cracks.

Not only can we provide foundation repair and replacement, but we can also develop a plan to prevent future deterioration when we find out the cause of the problem. The point is to avoid foundation replacement, which may cause enormous expenses for a property owner.

Contractor Master’s specialists, including structural and geotechnical engineers, work with a range of foundations, including concrete, earth formed, block, PWF, etc.

We can deal with any structural or cracking issues like crack and wall repairs, foundation inspection, retaining walls, water infiltration, trenches, underpinning, and many more.

Having our expertise and skills, we’ll apply proven engineering methods to install, repair, and renovate the foundation for both residential, commercial, and industrial properties.