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Home conversion is a complex of actions aimed to create a house tailored to the family’s needs. This process demands vast experience, skills, and knowledge to implement family plans. Here, at Contractor Master, we have high-quality experts that will professionally convert your home.

Before start home conversion, we’ll discuss a new layout to define project feasibility.

The conversion itself is a complicated procedure, and a number of zoning rules, building and local requirements should be adherent.

If you want to convert a one-family home into a two-family, you’ll need to have a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen for each family unit. The two-family home also needs two different doors, as well as gas, electricity, and water meters.

However, the situation can be the opposite, when you need to convert a duplex or triplex into a single-home unit.

In this case, we’ll discuss which spaces you want to remove and renovate. In both cases, we’ll meticulously assess the issue of electric, plumbing, and heating systems replacement or adding.

For this job, you need a professional team of structural engineers, architects, and builders. Contractor Master is in the construction business for the last two decades. We are here to use the time-proven technologies and strategies to make your conversion dream come true.