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Contractor Master maintains the shining aesthetics of any commercial, industrial, medical, high-tech, and education hard surface. With our environmentally-friendly solutions, your floor will have a brand-new look with no dirt, oil, bacteria, and grime.

We start with a thorough inspection to identify the condition of a hard surface to choose the best option because different surface demands different cleaning solutions.

For the next step, we use unique products, equipment, and techniques to remove dirt, mould, and grime. For example, vacuuming, hot water rinse, turbofans speed drying. Plus, hand scrubbing for spots if needed. Finally, we apply the finishing product to extend the life of the floor, leaving no scratches or etch marks.

As the experts in the field, we opt for non-toxic and eco-friendly products to return freshness and bright color to the tile, hardwood, stone, luxury vinyl, linoleum, marble, and concrete.

The combination of advanced techniques together with high-quality and harmless products returns hard surfaces fresh look making it super clean and bacteria-free.


The hard surface condition shows a professional image and employer’s care for healthy working conditions. Choose experienced cleaners to clean meticulously hard surfaces in your residential or business units.