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The residential and office carpets are high-traffic areas that need unique expertise and techniques to be cleaned. Here at Contractor Master, we provide superior cleaning results for a healthy home and office environment.

The highly-trained technicians know what innovative techniques, equipment, and detergents to use for each type of carpet and upholstery fabric.

We will have the right solution for every carpet and upholstery type with no risk of damaging. We clean carpets made of wool, olefin, nylon, as well as upholstery fabrics made of rayon, cotton, brocades, or silk. Not only do carpets have a dull and unfresh look, but the dust, dirt, and allergens trapped into a carpet pollute the indoor air quality.

The household cleaners fail to provide in-depth cleaning removing dirt from the surface only.

However, for us, there is not cleaning issuer we cannot cope with. Caring about clients’ health is our top priority. For example, we use extremely hot water and powerful vacuum equipment instead of dangerous chemicals to clean carpets. Regular vacuuming and twice a year carpet cleaning can guarantee clean and bright carpet with no pet dander, dirt, and contaminants.